Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz wants nothing more than to become a comic book artist.  When he gets a job as a janitor at Wonder Comics, he anxiously awaits the day that his boss, D.C.  Wunderman, will notice his drawings and discover his artistic genius.  It seems like that day will never come until Wunderman invests in a shipment of magical pens, guaranteed to bring to life any character his artists create.  When the staff artists unwittingly unleash the dreaded Doctor Shock Clock, it is up to Stanley to create his own team of superheroes to conquer this dastardly super-villain. 

Camp Dates: June 3-8

Time:  Mon-Fri    9:00am -12:00pm

Shows are on Saturday

                 4:30pm & 7:00pm

A play for young actors ages 10 -14 yrs

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