Seedling Summer Camps

show camps:

camps that complete an entire play or musical production within one or two week's time. Final performance will take place on our stage for family and friends the last day of camp (with the exception of Mulan) 

Disney's Mulan Jr

Musical      (ages 10-17) 




Dates: July 20, 22-27

Time:  Sat, Mon-Thurs  9:00am-5:00pm,

Fri & Sat (7/26 & 7/27)  12- 9pm

Family and friends show is Friday afternoon, July 26, with a ticketed evening show that night, ticketed matinee and evening shows on

Saturday July 27th       

 times TBD

 Full--waitlist only 

7 days, over 50 hours, 4 performances--This is the ultimate musical theatre camp that's sure to be the highlight of your child's summer this year. 

Young Mulan Fa proves her worth outside of her tradition-bound society when, disguised as a male soldier, "Ping," she bravely takes her father's place in the Imperial Army. Helped by her outrageously funny guardian dragon Mushu and a lucky cricket named Cri-Kee, Mulan strives to earn the respect of her fellow warriors and their courageous Captain Shang. Mulan's adventures lead to a climactic battle atop the Imperial Palace, where her family's honor and the fate of the Emperor and all of China rests in her hands!


Mulan Jr.

Ensemble Camp

(ages 7-10



Dates: July 23-27

Times: Tues-Thur 2:00—5:00pm PLUS

Matinee and evening Shows on Friday & Saturday, times TBD

This one week camp gives our Jr's age students the opportunity to participate in Seedling's summer musical production alongside the Mulan Cast Camp. M-TH will be spent working with our choreographer and music director in preparing for major musical numbers in the final performances on Friday and Saturday.  


A $75 deposit enrolls your child today with the balance of $100 due by June 1st. Space is limited and registration will close when enrollment cap is reached.

 Full--waitlist only 

A Play by

Stephanie Demaree

in the end

A PLAY for Intermediate and experienced actors

 (ages 11-18)  


 This Camp is now Full 

Dates: July 29-Aug 2  (Mon-Sat)

Time:  Mon-Fri  6:00-8:30pm, 

Shows are on Saturday, 4:30pm & 7:00pm


As Rachel looks back upon her life, she wonders what might have happened if, at certain pivotal points, she had made different decisions. Would fame, fortune, or high adventure be part of her story? In a Dickens style tale, Rachel is allowed to venture down the pathways of “what if” in a series of alternate flashbacks from elementary school to parenthood. Would something as simple as standing up to a mean girl in high school really make any difference in the end?

This dramatic piece is perfect for young actors with some stage experience who want to improve their skills, as well as for advanced theatre students.

A $50 deposit enrolls your child today with the balance of $100 due by June 1st. Space is limited and registration will close when enrollment cap is reached.


New Camp!

    skills camps:

camps that focus on a particular theatre discipline, taught by experienced instructors in an interactive setting. These camps include a showcase performance at the end of the week for family and friends.


      Beginning Drama  




Dates & Times: 

                            June 17-21  (ages 7-12)

                        3 days   MWF  2:30—4:30pm



For kids just catching the acting bug. This 3-day camp teaches young performers theater terminology, basic stage directions, and character development, while building their confidence in front of an audience using games, improvisation, monologues and short scenes. Campers will put on a short showcase for parents the last half hour of class on Friday.

               Broadway Sings

                  Teacher: Ms Britni

                                         (ages 10-18)         


Dates & Times:   


  June 3-7,    M-F  6:30—8:30pm

                      Performance is Friday at 7:30pm



July 8-12,    M-F  9:00—11:00 am

                      Performance is Friday at 12:00noon





From West Side Story to The Little Mermaid to Hamilton, Broadway has produced some of the most unforgettable music ever written. Our phenomenal vocal and musical theatre teachers bring the magic of Broadway musicals to your aspiring singer. Campers will need to come with 2 solo songs from Broadway shows to work on during the week. Group and solo performance skills will be taught and all campers will participate in the Showcase Performance at the end of the week. This camp will fill up quickly—reserve your child’s spot now!

  this session is Full--waitlist only 

  this session is Full--waitlist only 

  this session is Full 

New Camp!

Character Camp 




(ages 10-14)      $105    

  Dates & Times: 

                           July  15-18,  4 days  M-TH 




For beginning thespians and veterans alike This 4-day camp focuses on creating and developing unique characters for the stage. Campers will learn to create personality profiles, backstories, and physical attributes while integrating their characters into a pre- written script. (Think "Mad Libs for the Stage") They will then bring their characters to life in the final production as their script becomes a hilarious play performed for family and friends after class on Thursday.

Show time is 6:30 pm on July 18th.

 Full--waitlist only 

There's no one like Disney when it comes to classic children's music. Chances are, you can sing right along with "Be Our Guest" or "Bear Necessities" without missing a beat. Campers will need to come with 2 solo songs from Disney movies or shows to work on during the week. Group and solo performance skills will be taught and all campers will participate in the Showcase Performance at the end of the week. This camp has been added by popular demand for our younger students.

   Disney Sings


(ages 6-8)  $70 

Dates:  July 8-12  M-Fri   

Times: **1hr class 11:30am—12:30pm**       


This camp will join with the Broadway Sings camp for their show on

Friday at 12:00 noon



  Disney Sings


(ages 8-10)  $85

Dates:  June 17-20  M-Thurs   

Times: **1.5 hr class 12:00—1:30pm**       

Performance is Thursday, 1:00pm



Broadway    $125

   Dance featuring the music of:



(Ages  8-11)






Dates & Times:   

JUNE  24- 28 (M-F)

12:00-2:00 pm

Hairspray, and 


                    (Ages  11-17)






Dates & Times: 

   JUNE 10-14   (M-F)            12:00-2:00PM

If Broadway music makes you tap your toes then this camp is for you. Designed for the beginning to intermediate level dancer, this course focuses on all the basic choreography elements found in most musical theater dance numbers. Instructors will lead students through five days of dance instruction, while teaching choreography for a fabulous Broadway-worthy showcase presentation at the end of the week.

4-day Movie Making Camps

      + Friday night premiere    


TEENS (ages 12-18)

              Dates: June 10-13   (M-Th)  PLUS  Friday night  (6/14) movie premiere 7:30pm

             Times: 6:30—8:30pm                               (come see the Improv Show at 6:30pm) 


  TWEENS (ages 10-13)

             Dates: July 29-Aug 1  (M-Th)  PLUS  Friday night  (8/2)  movie premiere 8:00pm

            Times:  2:00—4:00pm                                (come see "In the End" at 7:00pm) 

 JRS (ages 8-11)   

             Dates: June 24-27  (M-Th)  PLUS  Friday night  (6/28)  movie premiere 8:00pm

            Times:  9:00—11:00am                                (come see "Gran's Guide to Stop an Ogre" 7:00pm) 


We are moving off the stage and onto the silver screen! Campers will help conceptualize, storyboard, and write an original screenplay, choose costumes, scout locations (around the

studio :) ), select sound effects, music, create special effects, and, of course, show off their acting skills by starring in the movie while instructors film and edit the production.

This camp is perfect for kids with creative minds or for those who may be a little stage shy.

  this session is Full--waitlist only 

        Teen Improv Comedy Camp

            (ages 10-18)       $160


              Date: June 10-14,  M-F   

            Time: 3:00—5:30pm

                   Performance is Friday night, 6:30pm

We are so excited to be partnering with the Vegas Theatre Hub’s Youth Improv Program for the 3rd year to bring this awesome camp to our studio for our older students. Experienced instructors teach the basics of improvisation, giving students the skills they need to make up comedy scenes on the spot with no scripts. It's comedy without a net! This is a fantastic opportunity for students to have fun learning the nuts and bolts of an incredibly popular and rewarding art form. Students will learn the importance of taking care of the their fellow performers and working as a team, incorporating essential skills such as:



  • Listening

  • Agreement

  • What we mean when we say "yes, and…"

  • Working in an ensemble

  • Stage craft

  • Basic mime

  • Vocal expression

 This Camp is now Full 


Teen night--just theatre games

No show, no note taking, no lines to memorize...


(Ages 12-18 yrs)  $25   

Date: Saturday, June 29th     

Time: 6:00—9:00pm 

      Pizza, drinks and treats provided!

General Summer Camp Info


With a few exceptions, all of our classes this summer will be week-long camps. We are hoping this concentrated format will give our students the opportunity to participate in our theatre programs in several ways:


  • Eliminates the commitment to weekly classes that conflict with family vacations and other summer activities.

  • Allows kids to explore various types of theatre by enrolling in multiple classes 

  • Provides an awesome experience for visiting grandchildren, cousins, and out-of-town friends.

  • Includes intensive daily instruction with an end-of-the-week show in our onsite theater.


All camps have an enrollment cap based on the number of roles in a play or musical, the ages of the students, and the type of class instruction. Once these spots are filled, registration will be closed for that particular camp. Waiting lists are available


  • A Deposit is required to secure a spot in the "Show Camps"  with the balance due by June 1st.


  • Full tuition for all other camps is due at time of registration.


**In the event that enrollment numbers for a camp are insufficient to support the program, that camp may be cut from the schedule. Registrants will be notified at least two weeks prior and deposits will be refunded ..***



Additional Mulan Cast Camp Information

$125 deposit is required to secure a spot in the camp today, with the balance of $300 due by June 1st. Registration for the camp will close when enrollment cap is met. Auditions for parts will take place on June 1st in order to cast the show and give students a head start on line and music memorization.

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