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* Information on Fall 2020 classes, dates and times will be available in June*

“Logic will get you from

A to B.  

Imagination will take you everywhere.”

–Albert Einstein

Sprouts Classes

Sprouts Musical Make-Believe   Summer 2020


Each month Sprouts work on a different mini play that includes music, songs, dance, simple lines to memorize, and lots of fun costumes! Sprouts will learn basic theatre terminology, performance and audience etiquette, and stage directions, all while building self-esteem, focus and teamwork. The last class of each month will include a performance on stage in the theatre for parents to enjoy. 



(3-6 yrs olds)        

Sprouts Adventures on Stage     Summer 2020


No ball gowns or ballet will be found in this high-adventure theatre class for imaginative Sprouts. Pirates, robots, dragons, wizards, super heroes and villains, and more are the monthly themes for this beginning acting class. Students will help write their own scripts and dialogue, using costumes and props to inspire each unique storyline. The last class of each month will include a performance on stage in the theatre for parents to enjoy.  


(3-6 yr olds)           

Little Sprouts Musical Theatre Morning Class  

Classes start


(3-6 yr olds)   Tuesdays 10:00--11:00 am

Singing, dancing, flexibility, balance, rhythm, musical instruments, props, rhyming, following patterns, cooperative social interaction, self-expression, and much more. This is a great introduction to the world of theatre. With a "Once Upon A Time" themed musical show at the end of the 10 week course, this class is sure to be the highlight of your child's week.

Show date: 


Acting for the Stage 

Classes start the week of Aug 24

Parents are always amazed when they see the depth of character that can emerge from their child when anxiety is replaced with confidence and creativity is given a place to grow. An actor breathes life into characters and places that would otherwise be merely words on a page. This course is designed to help students find that power within themselves and encourage each other in the process. From learning stage directions and theatre terminology, to the the excitement of performance night, this class will cover everything in between and then some. Students will practice their craft with weekly assignments as well as performing a complete play or a variety of scenes (depending on semester) on our stage with lights, body mics, costumes, props, and more at the end of the semester. 

Jrs.  (8-10)                    

Teens  (11-18 yrs)      

Show dates for both classes: 


Summer 2020   iMovie Making 


This course takes students outside the box (or the stage, in this case) and introduces them to an entirely different genre of acting. Using simple iPhone and iMovie filming and editing techniques, instructors will guide students though the process of making mini movies and trailers. From concept to storyboard to shooting scenes, this class is the ultimate creative outlet. At the end of the 12 week course, students will host a film festival for family and friends showcasing their projects.  Apple devices are not required of students.  


 Ages 8-18 yrs         



Musical Theatre   

Classes start the week of Aug. 24, 2020


Wicked, Annie, Newsies, The Lion King, Hairspray, Grease, West Side Story…the list of fabulous musicals goes on and on. Musical Theatre combines singing, dancing, and acting to create a multidimensional art form like no other. This is THE class for kids who love to perform—even if it’s only in front of the bathroom mirror. Our instructors understand the importance of nurturing even the smallest spark of interest in the shyest of children when it comes to getting on stage in front of an audience. All levels of experience are welcome in this class and every student will be cast in the class musical each semester. Along with rehearsing the show, a portion of each week’s 2 hour class will be dedicated to theatre education. Theatre terminology and etiquette, stage directions, theatre history, script and character analysis, acting techniques, and much more will become part of your child’s experience in our musical theatre program. We want all of our students to become better performers with each semester of instruction, and are committed to making the most of every minute your child spends in class with us.

Spring Production Classes

Showcase Cast (10-18 yrs)    (Shrek)      2hrs  Thursdays 6--8 pm

 Audition only--Audition materials will be available May 20, Video audition submissions are due by June 10 




Spotlight   (12-18 yrs)            (Shrek)                      2hrs  Tuesdays 6-8 pm                 

Center Stage  (10-12 yrs)      (Shrek)                      2 hrs Tuesdays 4-6 pm         

Jrs                   (8-10yrs)         (Shrek)                     2 hrs TBD


Seedlings Musical Theatre  (6-8 yrs)       1.5 hrs TBD


Sprouts Musical Theatre  (4-6 yrs)     1.5 hr  Wednesdays 4-5:30 pm



**Showcase, Spotlight,

& Center Stage classes will be performing ...

Theatre Tech and Design


Backstage Pass (stage crew)  

Is your child more interested in working backstage than performing onstage? We've got a class for that! From the sound system to lighting design, creating props to painting scenery, this class is an education in everything that goes into a stage production. During the show weeks, students become the stage crew for the productions on the Seedling stage.

Ages 12-18 --contact Kris for individual training opportunities                  


Vocal Performance   Classes start Aug


Taught by our amazing vocal coach Britni Favero, this group class focuses on technique as well as stage presence. Students will work on both solo and group numbers, exploring a variety of music genres. An end-of-semester show in our theater will give our aspiring singers a chance to showcase their talents. Space is limited and these classes will fill quickly.


 Ages 10-18 yrs               



Showtimes are 


If you are you looking for a fun, non-competitive dance class for your child that still teaches foundational techniques, these classes fit the bill. The skills learned in these courses are designed to build confidence, coordination, flexibility, and strength and to enhance the performance capabilities of musical theatre students as well. Students will participate in an end-of-course recital on the last day of class to show off their choreographed numbers.



Fairytale Dance    


Our little Sprouts will love this fairytale themed creative dance class that incorporates storytelling, costumes, fun props, and a performance for parents at the end of every 4 weeks. Movement activities will focus on rhythm, flexibility, coordination, and confidence in front of an audience.

                      Sprouts 4-6yrs     


Private Vocal Lessons


A limited number of private singing lesson slots are available. Please use the form below to contact the vocal coach, Britni Favero, for more information:


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