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Because of the unpredictable circumstances we find ourselves in currently, we have decided to implement a different class format for the fall. 

We plan to return to regular format in Jan. 2021 with Shrek


JRS (7-10yrs) “The Fairy-tale Network” by John Woodward. 20-25 min short play. a television network needs to improve its viewership ratings with exciting new programming.They retell the well-known tales of Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Pigs, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but now with new, unexpected twists.


TEENS (11-18) “Order Up!” By Kamron Klitgaard, author of The Complaint Department & Cheating Death. In this quick succession of quirky customers, the Order Up!  restaurant takes on everything from weird food allergies to fanatical health inspectors, from the fear of eating to someone wanting to hide in the restroom, and on and on and on.  Could there be a moment of sanity for the three employees who work behind this fast-food counter?  


(Ages 10-17) “40 Plays In 40 Minutes ” By Kamron Klitgaard, author of The Complaint Department & Cheating Death. Actors race through this collection of entertaining short sketches in an attempt to complete the ultimate show. This class is perfect for students who don't hold back on stage :)

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Seedling Fall Classes 

Start date: Sept 8th

Last Day of Classes: Dec 18th

Monday classes start on August 31st

NO classes will be held Sept 7 or  November 22-28





Unless otherwise noted, all classes are one-hour long, 8-12 students each, that work on specific topics for incremental learning and give students the opportunity to perform for their class weekly.  

Covid-19 Health Considerations 


Face coverings will be required for ages 6+ at all times in the theater. Performances onstage during classes will be designed to be solo or appropriately spaced when small groups are onstage together.

Exception for all ages: if students are actively performing by themselves on stage. For scenes that require a small group to be onstage together, sanitized clear plastic face shields will be made available as an option. When not on stage, students will be asked to remain in their assigned chair, organized into a 6'  grid on the theater floor, as their "station" for the class where they will keep themselves & their belongings.

Students in Britni's vocal performance classes will be required to wear face coverings when not   actively rehearsing and performing on stage by themselves. Group warm-ups can be done with face coverings. No Group numbers will be done this semester in Britni's Vocal Performance      classes.

Workshop classes like costume creation will utilize as much spacing as possible and minimize collaborative projects that require physical interaction.


Students in dance classes will be socially distanced and required to wear a face covering at    all times when not dancing. Students are not required to wear a face covering during active      dance instruction and performance.







Unless otherwise noted, all theatre classes this fall will be $175 for the entire 14 week                 semester. You have the option of paying the entire amount up front, or breaking the payment    up into 3 payments: $75 due upon registration, $50 due Oct 1st, $50 due Nov.1st.         

 NO Production Fees will be assessed this fall. No sibling discounts will be given given this fall. Classes have been priced aggressively low this semester in order to help families with           financial strains.

Possible discontinuance of in-person classes

If in-person classes are forced to shut down because of Covid-19 restrictions, some classes    will be able to continue utilizing Zoom virtual meetings and the option to stay with the class will  be given at that time. No refunds will be given for a partial month missed due to Covid-19          restrictions.


Fall Courses 

Broadway Solo—(Jrs and Teen age groups) Students select solo (or duet) pieces from                   musicals, working on physical and emotional interpretation, storytelling,                                       characterization. Gives all students the opportunity to play a leading role, excellent                     preparation for auditions. Not a vocal training class—see Vocal Performance class for that


Vocal Performance—10-18 yrs Taught by Ms Britni, our phenomenal vocal coach, this class          focuses on solo vocal technique and building confidence in front of an audience as                      students perform weekly for their class.

Musical Theatre: Broadway Ensemble Dance—(Jrs and Teen age groups) Choreographed           group numbers from favorite Broadway shows. Performances are “sing-along” 

     style, using original Broadway vocal recordings, with emphasis

     strictly on the choreography


Student Directing—Teacher recommendation, ages 12-18,  4 students total

     30min director workshop, then 1 hr working with a cast of 7-10yr olds (3 max) on scenes             and short plays. Leadership, assertiveness, creativity, comprehensive understanding of             theatre dynamics and integration of theatre elements, running auditions, casting,                         teaching stage directions, blocking, and more.


Beginning Acting for the Stage— ages 7-10 Intro to basic stage acting skills, theatre                       terminology & etiquette, voice inflection, body and facial expression. Students work on                   monologues and short sketches, performing for their class weekly. This class works in                   conjunction with the Student Directors course.


Comedy on Stage—(Jrs and Teen age groups) Comedic timing, body and facial                              expression, melodrama, Theatre de l’absurd, physical comedy.  


Advanced Acting Skills—(ages 11-18) For those serious about refining their acting skills                through exploration of different methods. Weekly topics and performing assignments in              areas like emotional realism, character analysis, motivation, body and facial expression. 




Costume Creation—(Jrs and Teen age groups) basic sewing skills, a glue gun and lots of               imagination are used to transform raw materials and thrift shop finds into fantastic                      costume pieces.


         Stage Craft—ages 10+ ( May be offered as a Saturday Workshop) Set design principles,                        script and story translation into composition of scenes, creation of backdrops and                            set pieces, craft techniques, tools, and materials

Play Production

Students learn how to audition for roles, line memorization strategies, stage directions, blocking, etc.—end of semester show will be filmed if live audience is still prohibited.










Music and Movement—(ages 4--8)  For little ones who love to dress up and pretend.                     Students will explore how music and dance can tell a story, while using costumes &                   props pieces. A great beginning Musical Theatre experience. This class is split into 2 six-week sessions.

Storyteller Theater--(ages 5-7) As the central storyteller (teacher) narrates familiar and                 original tales of adventure and fantasy, young performers act out the tales on stage with             costumes, and props. A great introduction to memorizing lines, becoming familiar with the           stage, and exploring a variety of performance themes.

This class is split into 2 six-week sessions.



Exploration of Musicals--(ages 10-adult ) Expand your exposure to, and knowledge of,                   musicals from the past from South Pacific to The Music Man. Come relax and watch a new           musical every week and participate in an after show discussion. Grown ups are welcome          to register as well!      $20 for 4 classes of your choice, $40 for 8 classes



Online Classes

            The schedule for Online, video conferencing formatted, weekly

                 classes will be posted soon--please contact us if you are interested




Virtual Short Plays (ages 7-18yrs, depending on play selection) Continuing our popular

     summer productions through Zoom for at-home acting opportunities. Weekday hours       between 9am-12pm 

Visit “Kristina Blake Channel” on YouTube to watch plays from earlier this year.




Class Schedule



Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 2.30.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 7.21.20 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 2.31.27 PM.png

"40 Plays in 40 minutes"

(Full show) 

Ages 10-17

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 2.52.24 PM.png

(Ages 10-15)


    Classes in Red are currently FULL



          (ages 5-7)


6-7pm ORDER UP! complete play

           (ages 10-18) 


7-8pm ORDER UP! complete play

           (ages 10-18)



             (ages 9-12)


             (ages 7-10)


             (ages 10-15)    


             (ages 12-18)

 7-8pm 40 PLAYS IN 40 MINUTES 

             complete play (ages 10-17)



            (ages 7-10)


            complete play (ages 7-10)



            (ages 10-18) 


            (ages 12-18)


            (ages 12-18)


            (ages 10-18)


            (ages 10-14)


            (ages 10-18)


           (ages 11-18)

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