Camp: Play--The I.F.A. Is On Its Way! (ages 8-12) July 26-30, 2:30pm--5:00pm M-Th, 2:30-8pm Fri.

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Showtimes: Friday 5:00pm & 7:00pm

Instructors: Kalena & staff

Cole Hawkins' average 10 yr old life is turned upside down when one night he develops the ability to see and interact with his invisible friend, Fryler. But an alarm is triggered at the I.F.A. (Imaginary Friends Administration) when it's discovered that Cole can see and talk to everyone's IF. As the audience is introduced to a quirky and unusual host of imaginary characters through Cole's eyes and ears, the race is on to locate a particular IF who may be able to save Cole from the clutches of the I.F.A. agents who are determined to seal the breach in their secret network.

All registered students will be sent a copy of the script prior to camp and will audition and be cast in the play on the first day.

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