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Fall2023--Registration Fee for JRs Acting-- "The IFA Is On Its Way" (Ages 7-10) Mondays 5pm-6:30, Sept 18-Jan 9

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PAYING the $50 Production/Registration Fee now for this class enrolls your child in the class. MONTHLY TUITION FOR THIS CLASS IS $105. You have the option to pay for all 3 months now and save a few bucks or receive monthly invoices on the first of each month.

This is a 12 week class with performances of the play on Saturday, Dec. 9th, 10am & 12:00pm (Dress Rehearsal is Friday Dec 8th, 5-7:30pm)

In addition to regular play rehearsal each week, students will cover all the basics of stage acting through warm-ups, games, and skill-building exercises.

In order to make the most of our time in class each week, the full script will be made available to enrolled students and auditions for roles will be submitted as videos prior to the start date of classes. Day one we will start with a complete cast, ready to start rehearsing.
ABOUT THE PLAY: "The IFA Is On Its Way!"

Young Cole Hawkins’s world is suddenly turned upside down when his imaginary friend (IF), Fryler, becomes a living, breathing (and unavoidable) presence in his life. And if that weren’t strange enough, he is also able to see and interact with everyone else’s IFs as well—an unfortunate ability which sets off alarms at the Imaginary Friend Administration. Agents are dispatched and the race is on as Fryler, Cole, and his sister’s neglected IF, Sam, set out to find the one IF who might be able to restore Cole’s world to normalcy. Can the odd trio wade through a sea of quirky characters to find a cure before the IFA agents take matters into their own hands?

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