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Pricing for Fall 2023 Classes

Class fees include...  

  1. Monthly tuition payments --Monthly tuition payments are based on total semester class hours which include extended or added class hours, dress rehearsals, and show day hours. No make-up classes will be provided for individual absences and no pro-rated monthly tuition payments will be issued.

  2.  A One-time Production/Registration due at registration. The fee covers all expenses associated with the end of      semester shows- costuming, licensing, tech crew, sets,      scripts, etc.                                                     


Payment Options  

  1. You may pay the full Semester tuition up front when you register by choosing the 2nd option which INCLUDES the Production/Registration Fee and gives you a discount.

  2. If you only wish to pay the Production/Registration Fee now, an invoice will be sent to you for the 1st month's payment via the email attached to your account.


Monthly Invoices  

  1. Invoices are sent on the 1st of each class month and are due/auto-charged on the 8th. 

  2. Automatic payments for the remaining months can be set up with that 1st invoice by selecting " SAVE CARD TO FILE" when paying the invoice.

  3. If you currently have a card on file with Seedling, you will need to approve this semester's payments for AUTO-PAY by contacting

Fall 2023 Pricing

                                                                                            Reg/Prod. fee 

  Class                                     Monthly       #of months     (due at registration)

All 2hr Mary Poppins       $150/mo.          6                $130

Sprouts Musical Theatre       $80/mo.             5                    $50

Monday Acting classes     $105/mo.         3                  $50

Next Level Acting Skills    $65/mo.           3                  $20

Showcase Vocal Perf.      $95/mo.            5                 $50

Thurs. Vocal Perf.             $75/mo.           5                  $40

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