Classes for Youth on the 

Autism Spectrum

Seedling Theatre Company is excited to be offering a series of classes dedicated to kids on the Autism Spectrum. Currently, our schedule includes "Celebration", a vocal performance group. Fall 2017 schedule will include a drama class that will include a few typical peers to facilitate along with an experienced special education instructor. Plays and other teaching materials and techniques will be customized to each class and will be designed to support social skills and personal goals.


Youth must be at least 10 years old and able to follow directions with few prompts. Space is limited to keep classes to a manageable size and classes may be divided by age and/or ability level.

Please go to our Classes pages for dates, times, and pricing.

Why Theatre?

Typing “Theatre”, “Autism”, and “Research” into a search engine will yield an ever-increasing number of articles and studies addressing the benefits of introducing youth on the autism spectrum to the performing arts. Theatre allows children the opportunity to experience real-life situations and conflicts in a safe environment without the pressure to react “correctly”.  Working with scripts promotes analysis and consideration of characters’ motives and perspectives. Character development exercises ask the questions, “What would your face look like if you were disappointed?” or  “What did the actor do to tell the audience he was really stressed out?" The answers help actors give more believable performances, but to someone with ASD, it can be an epiphany.

Face coverings are required for everyone entering the building

With the exception of the Sprouts & Seedlings classes, & those with a medical exemption

Thank you for helping us keep Seedling a Safe place for all.


Friday Lights                   Up

An opportunity to share your voice

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Seedling Theatre

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Sept 18

Back to School--Straight A's

Songs with titles starting with the letter A

Oct. 2

High School Musical vs Camp Rock

Songs from these Disney iconic movie franchises 


Oct. 16

Let it Rain

Songs about H2O--rivers, ice, rain, floods, snow...

Nov. 6

50's and 60's 

Songs from 2 decades of music revolution


  • Limited spots available

  • Registration to share your vocal talents is just $15 per event date.

  • Open to everyone ages 10 to 110

  • Registered performers may bring 2 supporters--no young children please

  • All Seedling Covid-19 safety policies apply including distanced seating and face coverings when not performing

  • Vocal acts must be memorized, practiced, & performance ready

  • Participants must supply a backing track or link to online instrumental.

  • All songs must be submitted for approval beforehand--so keep it clean

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