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Upcoming shows at Seedling

A Comedic Play in
the world of
Imaginary Friends 

Fall Show Schedule

The I.F.A. Is On Its Way

Jrs Acting Cast

December 9th • 10am & 12pm

Teens Acting Cast

December 9th • 3pm & 5:30pm


(free admission)

Sprouts Musical Theatre Revue

performers ages 6-7

January 20th • 11am & 1pm

(free admission)

Vocal Performance Recital

Thursday classes combined

January 27th • 10:30am & 1:30pm

(free admission)

Showcase Vocal Performance

Audition-Only Teen Vocal Group

January 27th • 4pm & 6:30pm

(free admission)

Mary Poppins Jr Shows

Tues. Center Stage Cast

February 2nd • 6:30pm

February 3rd • 10am & 1pm

Wed. Spotlight Cast

February 9th • 6:30pm

February 10th • 10am & 1pm

Thurs. Teens Cast

February 3rd • 4pm &  7:30pm

Wed. Jrs Cast

February 23rd • 6:30pm

February 24th • 10am & 1pm

TUES. Teens Cast

February 10th • 4pm &  7:30pm


(audition-only teens)

February 24th • 4pm &  7:30pm

Tickets for Mary Poppins Shows will be available for Purchase through the online store Jan 1st

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