Online sketches

Ages 11-18


  • Combing the Area finds three high school friends separated by a rock slide while exploring a cave.  The lighthearted touch reassures us that the only thing truly in danger is one of the character’s birthday party that evening. 

           (3 person—1F, 2 M or F) 

  • Rocketman has a fearless spacecraft captain of the future looking to rendezvous on Mars with a digital assistant for a quick refueling as she makes her way from Jupiter back to Earth.  But after decades of reliable robot assistance, 537R is lonely out in space, and seems under the influence of an old song from some earthling named Elton John...

         (2 person—1F, 1M or F)


  • You’ll laugh your way through Virtual Date, as awkward and painful as you probably imagine! From the Author of Cheating Death and The Complaint Dept.     

  • (2 person, 1F, 1M)


  • The Necklace is an adaptation of a short story by French writer Guy de Maupassant, whose twist at the end of this story is very reminiscent of O. Henry.  This is a challenging dramatic piece for students looking to stretch their acting skills.

              (3 person—1M, 2F)


Ages 8-18 

           (We will do our best to match students up in similar age groups.)


  • The warmhearted Uno shows how one extended family stays connected and passes time even with social distancing during the pandemic.  (3 person—1M, 1F, 1M or F)


  • In Regular Schmegular, a customer uses an online app to order an average cup of Joe — - a regular coffee, that is.  But nothing is as it seems in this era of pretentious branding and slick marketing lingo. Comical frustration brews. (2 person—2 M or F)


  • Spies ‘R’ Us features four undercover agents video conferencing from remote locations as they try to put a stop to an evil plan.  Can they pull it together long enough to protect the planet and all its inhabitants, or will this virtual meeting be mankind’s undoing? (4 M or F)


  • The Game Show casts actors as participants (and a host) in a television game show that isolates contestants from their celebrity partners (think $10,000 Pyramid) in a hilarious verbal guessing competition that spirals into the absurd. (5 person—1 F, 4 M or F)