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Kelli and Kris!

Kris Blake

Britni Favero

Britni Favero is the owner and teacher at Born to Sing Vocals, a private voice lessons company. She has been studying and teaching the IVA technique (Institute for Vocal Advancement) for the past 11 years and is a level 3 instructor. She has studied with the acclaimed Jeffrey Skousen as both a vocal student and teacher and is continually adding to her skills and knowledge of voice pedagogy, vocal science, and performance development. In her own words: “I LOVE what I do. I love teaching. I love the voice. I love helping others connect and strengthen voices they’ve had all along or voices they never even knew were hidden there. This isn’t a job, it’s a passion. And I am so thankful I get to do something I love!”

Britni and her husband Bret are parents to a very special little miracle boy named Benson who is already a singing star in their house.

Kayla Hamblen

Kayla Hamblen comes to Seedling with a wealth of theatre experience from both the teaching and performing perspectives. Kayla graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Theatre Arts Education and has worked as a children’s theatre teacher and director in both Colorado and Las Vegas. She has an impressive list of performance roles in musicals, including the lead roles in Mary Poppins, White Christmas, Hairspray, The Wizard of Oz, and Leader of the Pack. She has been a featured soloist in many other productions and musical revues. Kayla and her husband are Colorado natives and keep busy with their cute baby girl.

Lacey Jones

Kelli Washburn

Julie Johnson

Karen Gubler

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