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 Spring 2023 Showcase Cast : Once on This Island Jr.

All students age 10-18 years who have not yet graduated from high school are welcome to audition this semester for the premier cast of the upcoming musical production at Seedling Theatre Company. Each semester will have a different cast that will become this advanced level course.  Auditions will be held approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters (mid-November and mid-July) Students will be asked to sing solo segments from the musical and prepare a memorized monologue or scene provided by the directors. A certain number of non-singing parts may be available.

Previous performing experience is not required to audition for this cast. However, this class will focus almost exclusively on rehearsals and students will be expected to know basic stage directions, theatre terminology and etiquette.  Cast members will be expected to make attending all classes and extra rehearsals a priority and show a high level of maturity, dedication, and hard work.

What is Showcase Cast?

 Showcase Audition Submissions 

 are due by 

 Tuesday, Nov. 29th 

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Class Info & Audition instructions
for Showcase Cast 

 Request an Invite to the SLACK app workspace to access   the music tracks and sheet music needed for auditions 

Audition Info
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