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All of the programs and classes at Seedling Theatre Company are designed with the personal growth of each child in mind. Building confidence in front of an audience, mastering skills in communication, and realizing how their talents can lift and inspire others are all goals we set for our students.


Whether your child is just starting to break out of their shell or headed for Broadway tomorrow, we want to provide as many challenges and opportunities for advancement as possible. Additionally, we recognize the importance of employing teachers who not only know their craft, but also have a talent and a love for working with children.

...child centered

...learning based

Everyone loves the excitement and energy of performance days, and our staff is no exception. But what about all the hours and hours of class time and rehearsals?


We believe that every student, in every class, of every day we are open should be learning something new. Whether it’s choreography for an opening musical number or the historical background of a dramatic play, this philosophy pushes us, as teachers, to make the most of our instruction time.There is no limit to the knowledge, the experiences, the skills and the inspiration that can come from the theatre. oriented

At Seedling Theatre Company we feel very strongly that students, teachers,parents, and even audience members, should feel comfortable in our classrooms and at our performances. We make every effort to keep our performance content, costumes, music, choreography, and the language we use in and out of the classroom “family friendly”. All students are asked to abide by a code of conduct that encourages a positive environment and respect for others.


Throughout the year we will have many opportunities for families to get involved in special performances and events. Volunteers are welcome to help in many ways. We also look for opportunities to provide theatre involvement for special populations.


We are committed to reserving one day a week for families and will not be open for classes or performances on Sundays.

Encouraging young performers to step out of the spotlight every so often and get involved in the community helps them realize how much they are capable of inspiring and lifting others with their talents. Performing in local community festivals, parades, and events, as well as participating in benefits and other fundraising efforts, are all avenues we are exploring for our students.


In addition to getting our students out of the studio and into the             community, we are continually looking for new ways to bring the       community to our theatre. The addition of special performing groups like Children’s Theatre or Improv will not only provide the public with a new     option for weekend family entertainment, but also give our students     additional performance opportunities to work towards. involved


leadership abilities

Communication skills

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