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Code of Conduct

At Seedling Theatre Company we respect childhood. We are adults for most of our lives and the world is full of influences that are pushing our kids to grow up too quickly. Our studio is committed to fostering an environment where those influences are checked at the door, where kids feel safe, and where they are not asked to compromise personal values.

Our Code of Conduct is an agreement between our staff and you and your children.


Seedling Theatre Company promises to do our best to show respect for our students by:


      Using appropriate language  

      Managing student behavior with positivity and patience

      Selecting only costumes, music, and dramatic materials that are age appropriate

      Keeping the lines of communication open and addressing the concerns of students and parents

      Maintaining a culture of kindness, support, and encouragement in all our classes

In return, each of our students are expected to:


      Refrain from profanity and crudeness in speech

      Dress appropriately, avoiding short-shorts and skirts, midriff baring tops, strapless or spaghetti strap tops, and anything                          printed with offensive words or images.   

      Keep cell phones put away and out of sight unless specifically allowed by the teacher

      Keep all food out of the theatre and classrooms unless given specific permission

      Treat with care and respect the property of Seedling Theatre Company including microphones and other audio equipment,                  costumes, stage curtains, sets, props, furniture, and the building in general. 

      Refrain from touching Seedling property or wandering into unauthorized areas of the studio without permission by a staff                     member

      Show respect to teachers and classmates by listening to and following directions

      Speak and treat fellow classmates with kindness and encouragement

      Speak and behave respectfully to their parents while in our studio

Additionally, parents/guardians are asked to please:

      Refrain from profanity and crudeness in speech while in the building

      Abide by the Safety Rules and Regulations and require their children to do the same

      Pick up their children on time from class

      Understand that what their children learn in each class is more important than the role they are given in a show 

      Communicate with teachers and management ANY concerns that may arise from participation in our programs 

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