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The I.F.A. is On Its Way


Camp type: Play--Comedy 

Ages: 8-12

Dates/Times: July 26-30

                   2:30-5:30pm (M-Th)

                     2:30-8pm (Fri)

Showtimes: Friday 5pm & 7:30pm

Instructors: Kalena & Maddy

Cost:  $ 175

Cole Hawkins' average 10 yr old life is turned upside down when one night he develops the ability to see and interact with his invisible friend, Fryler. But an alarm is triggered at the I.F.A. (Imaginary Friends Administration) when it's discovered that Cole can see and talk to everyone's IF. As the audience is introduced to a quirky and unusual host of imaginary characters through Cole's eyes and ears, the race is on to locate a particular IF who may be able to save Cole from the clutches of the I.F.A. agents who are determined to seal the breach in their secret network. 


All registered students will be sent a copy of the script prior to camp and will audition and be cast in the play on the first day of class.

July 26-30 

Ages  8-12

Full--waitlist only


Jrs Beginning Acting


Camp type: Acting

Ages: 7-10

Instructors:  Maddy & Emma

Cost:  $115 


2) Dates/Times: July 26-29th

                    12 noon-2pm (M-Th)

  Showtimes: Thursday (7/29) 1:30pm 

For kids just beginning an interest in acting, this 4-day camp teaches young performers theater terminology, basic stage directions, and character development, while building their confidence in front of an audience using games, improvisation, monologues and short scenes. Campers will put on a short showcase for parents at the end of class on Thursday.


Jrs Beginning      Acting

July 26-29
Ages  7-10

Jewelry Making


Camp type: Art

Instructors:  Ms Kris

Cost:  $35 

Ages: 10-18yrs

Dates/TimesThursday, July 29



Come create a collection of crafty, cool, colorful, concoctions to compliment your clothing and more. It's just a fun 2 1/2 hours of jewelry-making heaven. What more could you ask for?

Jewelry Making

   July  29
    Ages  10-18


Mini Musicals

July 26-28
Ages  3-6  

Camp type: Musical Theatre--sprouts

Ages: 3-6

Instructors:  Staff

Cost:  $85 

Dates/Times: JULY 26-28

                    9am-11am (M,T,W)

Showtimes: All 3 days 10:40am 

For our youngest campers who love to dress up and put on a show! Each of the 3 days will be a different theme: A Royal Ball, Fairies Take Flight, and Woodland Animals. Campers will get to wear costumes, learn dances and songs, and have speaking parts in a cute mini-show at the end of each camp day for parents to watch.


Doodle Art

July 27 & 29
Ages  10-18


Camp type: Art

Instructors:  Ms Kris

Cost:  $40 



Ages: 10-18

Dates/Times: July 27, 29

                    12-2pm (T/Th)

Doodling is a HUGE favorite pastime of Ms Kris's, so this summer it's been included as a super fun 2-day camp. Come learn how to embellish, decorate, and deface every surface you can find with funky, adorable designs. This is also been proven (by many creative people, apparently) to be an incredibly therapeutic hobby. Students will come away with a notebook collection of inspiration and ideas.

General Summer Camp Info


All of our classes this summer will be week-long (or shorter) camps . We are hoping this concentrated format will give our students the opportunity to participate in our theatre programs in several ways:


  • Eliminates the commitment to weekly classes that conflict with family vacations and other summer activities.

  • Allows kids to explore various types of theatre by enrolling in multiple classes 

  • Provides an awesome experience for visiting grandchildren, cousins, and out-of-town friends.

  • Includes intensive daily instruction with an end-of-the-week show in our onsite theater.



All camps have an enrollment cap based on the number of roles in a play or musical, the ages of the students, and the type of class instruction. Once these spots are filled, registration will be closed for that particular camp. Waiting lists are available upon request.



  • A Deposit is required to secure a spot in the "Musicals Camps"  with the balance due by June 1st.


  • Full tuition for all other camps is due at time of registration.


  • Payments for camp are refundable and  transferrable with at least 1 week prior to camp start

**In the event that enrollment numbers for a camp are insufficient to support the program, that camp may be cut from the schedule. Registrants will be notified at least two weeks prior and deposits and payments will be refunded ..***