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JULY 10-22

Full Broadway version
8 performances      

July 14, 15, 20-22 

Tickets are on sale now--
This is an event you won't want to miss!


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Broadway Sings

July 24 -28
Ages  11-18

Camp type: Vocal Performance

Cost:  $150


Ages: 11-18

Dates/Times: July 24-28                                            5:00-7:00pm (M-F)

 Showtime: Friday (7/28) 7:00pm 

From West Side Story to The Little Mermaid to Hamilton, Broadway has produced some of the most unforgettable music ever written. Our phenomenal vocal teacher, Britni Favero, brings the magic of Broadway musicals to your aspiring singer. Campers will need to come with 2 solo songs from Broadway shows to work on during the week. Group and solo performance skills will be taught and all campers will participate in the Showcase Performance at the end of the week (Friday 7pm). This camp will fill up quickly—reserve your child’s spot now!

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Movie Making

June  1st
Ages  10-14

July 7
Ages 7-10


July 29
Ages 12-18

Camp type: Acting

Instructors:  Kalena & Devyn



1) Ages: 10-14 yrs

Cost:  $75

Dates/TimesThurs June1 



2) Ages: 7-10 yrs

Cost:  $75

Dates/TimesFri July 7 



3) Ages: 12-18 yrs

Cost:  $75

Dates/TimesSat July 29 



We are moving off the stage and onto the silver screen! Campers will help conceptualize, storyboard, and write an original screenplay, choose costumes, scout locations (around the studio :) ), select sound effects, music, create special effects, and, of course, show off their acting skills by starring in the movie while instructors film and edit the production. Their finished film will join our past productions on our YouTube channel.

This camp is perfect for kids with creative minds or for those who may be a little stage shy.

Past Camps-Check back next spring for summer 2024 listings

Musical Make-Believe

June 12-14
July 17-19

Ages  4-6  


Camp type: Musical Theatre--sprouts

Ages: 4-6

Instructors:  TBD

Cost:  $90 


1) Dates/Times: June 12-14

                    9am-11am (M,T,W)

  Showtimes: All 3 days 10:40am 



2) Dates/Times: JULY 17-19

                 9am-11am (M,T,W)

  Showtimes: All 3 days 10:40am 


For our youngest campers who love to dress up and put on a show! Each of the 3 days will be a different theme. 

Campers will get to wear costumes, learn dances and songs, and have speaking parts in a cute mini-show at the end of each camp day for parents to watch.



Set Design

June  12-15
Ages  10-18

Set Design for

The Spongebob Musical


Camp type: Design and construction

Instructors:  Kris & Devyn

Cost:  $90

Ages: 10-18yrs

Dates/TimesM-TH, June 12-15



Campers in this behind-the-scenes  experience will help create the sets and props for a fantastic underwater cartoon world. Students will work hands-on with a variety of materials and tools to assemble the sets for the Spongebob Musical shows this summer.

Costume Design for

Summer Musicals


Camp type: Design and construction

Instructors:  Kris 

Cost:  $7

Ages: 11-18 

Dates/TimesM-W, June 5-7 



 This camp is for those with a flair for the dramatic and a creative mind. Experience in clothing construction preferred and/or experience working with sewing machines, glue guns, etc. to assist in constructing the costumes for the summer productions.


June  5-7
Ages  11-18


Tailoring Equipments

Camp type: Acting

Cost:  $115 



1) Dates/Times: July 24-27

                    12 noon-2pm (M-Th)

   Ages: 7-9

  Showtime: Thursday (7/27) 1:45pm 

2) Dates/Times: July 24-27

                    2:30-4:30pm (M-Th)

   Ages: 10-12

  Showtime: Thursday (7/27) 4:15pm 

For beginning and intermediate thespians, this 4-day camp creates a short play in segments from monologues to scenes to a completed story. This unique collaborative process builds individual skills and strengthens understanding of group dynamics. Campers will perform their final play for family/friends at the end of class on Thursday.

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Acting Up!

July 24-27

Ages  7-9

Ages  10-12


on Stage

May   31-June 2
June 15-17

Ages 4-6  


Camp type: Sprouts

Ages: 4-6

Instructors:  TBD

Cost:  $90 

1) Dates/Times: May 31- June 2

                    9am-11am (W,Th,F)

  Showtimes: All 3 days 10:40am 


2) Dates/Times: June 15-17

                    9am-11am (Th, F, Sat)

  Showtimes: All 3 days 10:40am 



No ball gowns or ballet will be found in this high-adventure theatre camp for imaginative Sprouts. Each of the 3 days’ themes are acted out in an original mini-play, complete with costumes and props, lines to for each actor, and lots of energy-burning fun. The third day's class will create an iMovie trailer. Family and friends are invited to the last 20 min of each camp day to watch that day’s show. to watch.


Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 1.40_edited.png

Camp type: Vocal Performance



1) Ages: 6-8 yrs

  Dates/Times: July 24-27                                          9:30am-11:00am (M-Th)

 Showtime: Thursday (7/27) 11:00am 

 Cost:  $85


2) Ages: 9-11 yrs

  Dates/Times: June 12-16                                           3:00-5:00pm (M-F)

 Showtime: Fri (6/16) 5:00pm 

  Cost:  $135

There's no one like Disney when it comes to classic children's music. Chances are, you can sing right along with "Be Our Guest" or "Bear Necessities" without missing a beat. Campers will need to come with 2 solo songs from Disney movies or shows to work on during the week. Group and solo performance skills will be taught and all campers will participate in the Showcase Performance at the end of the week:

Disney Sings

July 24-27
Ages  6-8

June 12-16
Ages 9-11

Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 1.59.13 PM.png
Little Mermaid info
Mermaid Ensemble

General Summer Camp Info


All of our classes this summer will be week-long (or shorter) camps . We are hoping this concentrated format will give our students the opportunity to participate in our theatre programs in several ways:


  • Eliminates the commitment to weekly classes that conflict with family vacations and other summer activities.

  • Allows kids to explore various types of theatre by enrolling in multiple classes 

  • Provides an awesome experience for visiting grandchildren, cousins, and out-of-town friends.

  • Includes intensive daily instruction with end-of-the-week shows in our onsite theater.



All camps have an enrollment cap based on the number of roles in a play or musical, the ages of the students, and the type of class instruction. Once these spots are filled, registration will be closed for that particular camp. Waiting lists are available for all full camps upon request. There is a good chance that waitlisted students will be placed, given the transitory nature of summer schedules.



  • A Deposit is required to secure a spot in the Little Mermaid and Spongebob Musicals Cast Camps  with the balance due by June 1st.


  • Full tuition for all other camps is due at time of registration.


  • Payments for camp are refundable and  transferrable with at least 1 week notice prior to camp start  with the exception of Little Mermaid and Spongebob Cast Camps (see below)

**In the event that enrollment numbers for a camp are insufficient to support the program, that camp may be cut from the schedule. Registrants will be notified at least two weeks prior and deposits and payments will be refunded ..***




All students registered in the Little Mermaid "Cast camps" will send in audition videos by April 30 (teens) and May 4th (Jrs) and will be cast in roles prior to camp. All cast members are expected to be "off book" by the first day of camp (fully memorized lines and songs) a $200 deposit is due at the time of registration with the balance due by June 1st. After May 7th, DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE-- please check your summer plans thoroughly before committing to this camp. All participants MUST be able to attend all days and all performances


All kids registered for the Little Mermaid  "Ensemble Camps" will attend camp for 2hr/day for 3 days then join the Cast Camp on Thursday for full dress rehearsals and Fri/Sat for the four shows.  It is recommended that parents consider carefully the maturity level of their children and their ability to focus before enrolling them in this camp as the show days are long. All participants MUST be able to attend all days and all performances


Participation in the Camp for the Full -Length Broadway production of The Spongebob Musical (July 10-22) is based on an audition and casting process as follows: 


1) Request an invite to the SLACK app workspace for this camp by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. This workspace has all the details, dates, and most importantly, Audition Materials and instructions.


2) Prepare and submit video auditions for up to 2 characters listed on the audition monologues PDF (found on SLACK) by April 16th 2023. Auditions consist of a monologue and solo segment from the song list for each character for whom you have chosen to audition. Even if you prefer to be cast in an ensemble role, you must submit an audition video of at least one character to be considered for this cast.


3) For those selected from video auditions, Call Backs will take place on Friday April 21st  (6:30pm) and Saturday, April 22nd (6:30pm) If unable to attend either callback time, other arrangements can be made.


4) Once final Casting is complete, cast members will need to pay the camp tuiton of $395 (or a $200 deposit with the balance of $195 due by June 1st)


5) Cast members will receive their scripts and music links and are expected to be fully memorized by July 10th, first day of camp.

6) Principal leads will need to attend a few rehearsals for musical numbers prior to July 10th. Currently Saturdays June 17th and July 8th have been reserved for rehearsals as well as the week following Memorial day (May 30-June 2). Once the Show is cast, we can work with leads to schedule times that work for them.

FINAL NOTE REGARDING PARTICIPATION IN THIS CAST: This is an extremely concentrated rehearsal schedule as well as a rigorous show schedule with multiple performances on the same days. Although we have dropped down to age 9 in our audition scope, it is imperative that parents consider their child's ability to focus, work under pressure, and handle long days at the theatre before allowing them to audition for this show. Submission of audition videos will be seen as an acceptance of these circumstances and a commitment to follow through with the production until the final performance on July 22nd if selected.

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