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Spring 2024 Musical Theatre Solo Auditions

The MTI revue shows we will be doing this Spring provide an excellent opportunity for a greater number of Musical Theatre students to perform solo numbers. We encourage all who are registered for one of these classes to submit video auditions Jan 28-Feb 18. Auditions will be for solo singing parts only and students can submit up to 3 songs. Those who prefer speaking and ensemble parts only DO NOT NEED TO AUDITION THIS SEMESTER. Everyone will have a chance to really shine in these shows in one way or another. 

Click for Full show Details

Full information, show materials, and instructions for submitting video auditions are posted in each class's SLACK app workspaces. After registration, you will be emailed an invitation to join your workspace and you can get started!


Need some guidance on your video audition submissions? Miss Kalena can help with song/role selection, vocal technique, characterization and poise. Kick your auditions up to the next level and avoid the stress of last minute submissions in February. 

Private 45 min session at Seedling Theatre Company--Assistance with song/role selection, vocal technique, characterization and poise. Students must be familiar with their potential song choices.
Cost: $40

Upgrade your session
to include complete filming and submission of up to 3 audition videos Students must have their audition song segments memorized
Cost: $55


Kalena Blake is currently a sophomore Musical Theatre Major at the University of Northern Colorado. She has been performing onstage since age 4 and worked as a teacher and director for Seedling for the past 5 yrs. She was the winner of the Nevada State High School Musical Theatre awards for best actress in 2022 and went on to compete and perform at the national level on Broadway in the Jimmy Awards that same year.

Contact Kalena to schedule an online session in January 2024

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